Sterilization Flat Reel



  • Made of high-grade medical dialysis paper and CPP/PET compound film which can withstand high temperature.
  • Manufactured according to EN868-5 and ISO11607 standard.
  • The indicator used in the reel production is classified as a Class1 Type indicator to the ISO11140-1 standard.
  • It can be cut to the desired size depending on the goods to be pack for sterilization purpose.
  • It is used for packing medical devices before sterilization and maintains the sterility of the products after sterilization.
  • Duo indicator design suitable for both ETO and STEAM Sterilization methods.
  • Under the steam sterilization process, the indicator’s colour will turn black from the initial blue.
  • Under the ETO sterilization process, the indicator’s colour will turn yellow from the initial pink.
  • The indicator’s colour has a significant change and will never change back.
  • Three-sided explosion-proof design to prevent the package from bursting.
  • The transparent compound film shows clearly what is inside the package.



Size : 200 m/roll
Material : 70gsm medical high-temperature dialysis paper (French Arjo Wiggins) + 55gsm medical CPP/PET compound film (Green)


Item Code Description Packing
FR50200 Sterilization Flat Reel 50mm x 200m 12rolls/ctn
FR75200 Sterilization Flat Reel 75mm x 200m 8rolls/ctn
FR100200 Sterilization Flat Reel 100mm x 200m 6rolls/ctn
FR150200 Sterilization Flat Reel 150mm x 200m 4rolls/ctn
FR200200 Sterilization Flat Reel 200mm x 200m 4rolls/ctn
FR250200 Sterilization Flat Reel 250mm x 200m 2rolls/ctn
FR300200 Sterilization Flat Reel 300mm x 200m 2rolls/ctn